This is some hand lettering that I was playing around with for a project that ultimately went in a different direction. I still love the way that it turned out and anticipate remixing it for something else down the line. The intention was to make the letters look like cut paper.


Teacher Microcredentials

This is my latest illustration for ASCD’s Education Update newsletter. The title of the article is: Will Teacher Microcredentials Upend the $8 Billion PD Industry?” It talks about how microcredentials (or badges for personalized learning) is a growing trend that threatens to shake up the professional development industry.

I had a lot of fun working on this piece because it is a nod to boy/girl scouts. I was never a boy scout but the collector in me always loved that they got to earn badges by completing different tasks. Designing and illustrating these badges took more time than I had anticipated, but overall, I’m happy with the hand stitched look and the final outcome.


Learning at 120 BPMs

This is a quick GIF that I made for ASCD’s Express e-newsletter. Each issue has a theme and this theme was “Learning at 120 BPMs”—about infusing movement and activity into learning.

This is actually one of two illustrations that I have done with loose leaf notebook paper this month. Stay tuned for the other piece which is guaranteed to make you smile.