Source Festival 2016

For the past three months, I have been working on the marketing materials for CulturalDC’s 2016 Source Festival, which include postcards, posters and the guide to the festival.

Every year, the festival has three diverse themes which makes tackling the imagery quite a challenge. The themes for this year’s festival are “Heroes and Home,” “Secrets and Sound,” and “Dreams and Dischord.”

I provided illustration, design and art direction while Daria Johnson-Green provided the photography.

Creative Mornings Global Theme: Broken

This month I was asked to illustrate the global theme for Creative Mornings. CreativeMornings is a global breakfast lecture series that currently runs in 142 cities around the world including Washington D.C. and Baltimore (the closest participating cities to me). This month’s theme is BROKEN and I couldn’t decide which direction I wanted to take the illustration: broken dreams or broken system. You can see my initial sketches for both directions below. Ultimately, I left it up to CM headquarters to point me in the right direction and they went with the broken system route.


In a way this is a big deal to me. This will be the first time in my freelance career that I have worked on something so far reaching. A lot of my work tends to be used in niche or local markets (and this is definitely niche), but none of them have been on a global scale. I’m excited for my peers to see this worldwide and hope it leads to more fun projects like this in the future.

Previously, I was asked by Joel Daly to illustrate a quote from Leshell Hatley’s DC talk to be used as a promotional postcard for Creative Mornings DC (see below). Coincidentally, the themes of the two final illustrations appear to be similar. They are both robotic in nature but one represents the “system” whereas the other represents confidence of the individual. Both can be powerful if used in the right way. The piece below won me a place in the yet to be published Society of Illustrators 58 annual publication (my first time ever)!


Theater J Season 2016-2017 Artwork

This year I was asked to create poster art for Theater J‘s 2016-2017 season. This marks my second year working with Theater J and I have to say that working with them is easy breezy from beginning to end.

We both went into this year’s brainstorm with the idea that we would somehow unify all of the posters and make them feel like a cohesive unit. We also wanted to include a mix of hand-lettering, photography and illustration and I think that the end result is something we can both be proud of.

Look below to see the posters at a glance in thumbnail form and following that you can view the posters individually. Look out for a follow up post with early versions of each poster and some words about my process.

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Theater J 2016-2017 title treatment


Copenhagen by Michael Frayn


The Christians by Lucas Hnath


The How and the Why by Sarah Treem


The Last Schwartz by Deborah Zoe Laufer


Brighton Beach Memoirs by Neil Simon


Broken Glass by Arthur Miller



Oy Vey in a Manger by the Kinsey Sicks