HOW Magazine: Be a Career Maverick

My latest illustration to be published is in the May issue of HOW Magazine, out now. The illustrations was for an article called “Be a Career Maverick: Get 4 strategies for making unconventional and rewarding career choices.” Of course, thinking about a Maverick made me think of a cowboy (which is actually where the term derives from; Samuel Maverick was a Texas engineer and rancher who refused to brand his cattle), and those who know me know that I love the old western look. Below is the end result: a rancher taking a maverick approach toward igniting creativity.


2 thoughts on “HOW Magazine: Be a Career Maverick

  1. Donald Ely never fails to amaze me with his awesome talent. The only thing distracting me from his latest creation is this really nice blog he has placed it upon. WELL DONE DONALD!

    PS- Love the belt buckle.

    • Thanks Rob! I hoped that some people would notice the belt buckle. I need to build a big belt buckle collection. I currently only have six. Including a giant eagle one.

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